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Crochet Yarn buying guide – Part 3

crochet yarn

Ball shapes and what they indicate

Crochet Yarn product packaging can differ. Here is a brief overview of the way yarn is most frequently provided.

Skeins and hanks: A skein of yarn in the UK describes yarn that is supplied as a loop, nicely and securely twisted on itself to make a protected unit that is simple to manage and package. Numerous craftsmen and high-end yarns are supplied in this method. Skeins need to be wound into a ball before usage. Skeins are often referred to has hanks, especially in the US.

Another kind of skein is the familiar elongate shape, more typically known in the UK as a ball.

Ball: A ball of yarn, in the UK can be doughnut shaped, or oval shaped. Yarn is normally fed from the outside of a round ball, much like balls wound by hand at home, and sometimes balls are wound with centre-pull ends.

From left to right, a hank, a skein, and a ball.


Just how much crochet yarn

If you are using a pattern, it needs to inform you how much yarn to purchase. Usually this is specified as a variety of balls or skeins, and how much in grams or ounces each ball ought to weigh in addition to the amount of yarn as a length in lawns or metres. The majority of ball bands state the length per ball, allowing you to determine the number of balls are required.


Converting weight and length
Sometimes, the information on a ball band does not match the pattern requirements, especially if you are making a yarn alternative. It can be useful to convert equivalent weights and procedures using a simple formula. The small chart below will assist you to make precise calculations.

yarn length


Care directions and cleaning


Hand-crochet garments are typically not rather as resistant to repeated washing or cleaning up as commercially-produced items. They have a greater tendency to stretch, shrink, or be taken out of shape, particularly when device cleaned, however this is completely depending on the yarn used. Products made from pure wool can also end up being felted if they are not treated with care. It pays to select the very best cleaning approach to ensure the long life of your thoroughly crafted pieces.

Ball bands always carry cleaning guidance and details, and it is helpful to keep one from each job for later reference.

Hand-washing is often best if a product is particularly fragile or precious, or merely not ideal for the extreme agitation, heat, and stronger cleaning agents that are frequently utilized in machine washing.

Do not be tempted to machine-wash any hand-crocheted pieces if you have any doubts about the process. The threat of destroying all that cautious handiwork is undue, and you might end up diminishing or felting something beyond recognition.

There are specialist washing detergents for delicate yarns, such as Eucalan and Soak.

While taking on board these cautions, numerous yarns are really developed to be machine-washable, for easy care. The list listed below is an overview of the most typical washing guideline symbols.

Washing signs: Please refer to Washing Symbol


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