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How to Cast Off Knitting. A Complete Guide


How to Cast Off Knitting

In addition, to have fun and being creative, knitting has lots of health benefits as well. Who would have thought that this easy and fun activity can be beneficial in so many ways? Once you have learned the knitting, you can make some beautiful stuff in your spare time. After learning how to cast on and purl, it might be time for you to learn how to cast off knitting or bind your work from the needles. This process gives you an edge on creativity, and it is an easy way to finish off your work.

how to cast off knitting

Is Bind Off and Cast Off are Same?

When you have finished the last row in any knitting pattern, the pattern will tell you to bind off or cast off. Basically, the meaning is the same for both. You can keep on knitting the knit stitches and purling the purls in the same way you were doing in the main pattern. When you bind off the stitches, you do it with whatever stitches you were using.

how to cast off knitting

Cast Off Meaning

It is a vital technique to know how to cast off (also known as Bind Off), especially for a beginner knitter.

  • Start by knitting two stitches to start cast off.
  • With your left needle, select the first stitch on the right needle and pull it over the second stitch. The first stitch is the bottom one, and the second stitch is the top one.
  • Repeat this process until you have no stitches left. In the end, you will have a neat finish along with your work.
  • To finish the working stitches off your needle, you do casting off. It also helps you to complete your product in a neat manner and stops the stitches from unraveling.

how to cast off knitting

How to Cast Off Knitting. A Complete Guide for Beginners

Step 1. Begin with knitting or purling the first two stitches on your row. (or whatever stitches you were working with, all you have to do is follow the same pattern).

how to cast off knitting

Step 2. When you have the right-hand needle with two knitted stitches, You may use the right-hand needle tip for pulling the first stitch, which was previously knit above the second stitch over the top of the right-hand needle.

how to cast off knitting

Step 3 – Sliding the stitch off the left-hand needle carefully

how to cast off knitting

Step 4 – You will have one stitch on the right-hand needle is such a way.

how to cast off knitting

Step 5 – Now you need to Knit (or purl) the next stitch and repeat step 2.

Now keep repeating the process until there are no stitches left in the left-hand needle and when there is one stitch in the needle of the right hand.

how to cast off knitting

Step 6 – Taking the right-hand needle out of that stitch, try to cut the yarn so that you may have a few inches of the extra tail for stitching some seams.

Try to place the yarn through the loop and pulling it tight through it.

In this way, yarn is secured so that the stitches cannot come out of it.

How To Finish Off Knitting Project

There more than one way to cast off or bind off. Some methods are more suited to intermediate knitters while a few are for advanced. If you are one of them, then keep reading as we are going to show you how to do cast off by using other methods.

Stretchy Bind Off

The stretchy bind off is excellent to be used at the edges of projects like shawls. The stretchy cast-off is a simple process and can be easily stretched when finished. This technique can be easily used on cuffs, mittens, gloves, or socks with plenty of ease. This means that it goes back to its original shape when you stretch it out.

This method is slightly different from the basic one and can be learned by beginners. By spending a little bit of time, you can add one more skill to your list.

how to cast off knitting

Three Needle Bind Off

To bind off two stitches that are on two needles at one time is called three-needle bind off. Three needle bind method can be used instead of Kitchener stitch if you are using DPN socks or circular needles, hats, or any projects that have been knit in the round shape.

In this process, the underside of the seam is involved in the working, so the seam is not shown on the outside. It is quite a clean method but might be a bit tricky for the beginners.

how to cast off knitting

I Cord Bind Off

This method creates a tube and gives you different types of the edge rather than a regular cast-off edge. The I cord bind off makes the edges of your project unique. This method can be used on many projects such as cowls and sweaters.

how to cast off knitting

Tubular Bind Off

If you want to create a neater edge (1×1 ribbing), then you should go for the tubular bind off method. It is one of the variations of Kitchener stitch and is a cool way to make an elastic bind off for necklines and cuffs.

how to cast off knitting

Picot Bind Off

You might want to make your decorative while you are finishing it. The picot bind-off is the way to for you then. This method gives small picots to the edge of the piece you are working on. This process is commonly used when binding off shawls to provide a more decorative edge.

It is quite simple to do, and you can do it only in three steps. For beginners, it should not be hard to learn.

how to cast off knitting


If you are interested in knitting, then soon you will be enjoying your company very soon. Knitting is a craft technique that appeals to all ages and has many health benefits. Remember, by learning to knit; you can create a special one of a kind item for your self or your loved ones with your own hands. The learning process is a long one when it comes to knitting, so do not just stop here and keep learning to make it to the advanced level.


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