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How to crochet for Beginners

How to crochet for beginners:

Are you planning to do something productive to cut your tedious hours? Have you ever heard about crocket? No doubt that you have seen your grandmothers, sitting on a comfortable revolving chair and doing crocket. Have you ever noticed the movement of their fingers when they are making a new outfit, sweater, or a toy? Try crochet and refresh the memory of your elders. Learning new skills or craft, especially crochet, is not so easy. Maybe you are thinking on how to crochet and from where to begin, from where to pick up your first stitch and so on. Let us start with what is crochet, how to crochet, crochet material, a simple guide to crochet and more.


What is the crochet?

Crochet is an art and process of making fabrics, outfits, stuff toys, by using the threads, yarn, or strands and joining them in the form of interlocking loops. This is done by using a crochet hook. Crochet is a French language word, which means “small hook.” Crochet hooks are made up of wooden material, metal, and plastic.


Difference between crochet and knitting:

People often confused between knitting and crochet and most of the time, consider both the name of the same thing. However, knitting and crochet have some similarities but differences as well.

Here are some critical differences between crochet and knitting.

  • The difference in hooks:

Crochet hook is different from knitting needles. Crochet used a single hook that is not pointy at the top but in the shape of a hook while knitting uses pointy needles for making loops.

  • The difference in yarn:

Although there are many types of yarn and all can be used in both knitting and crochet. However, some types are handled better in crochet and some in knitting. If you are using small crochet needles, then tread will be the best option to use. There is a fight on the amount of yarn used. However, both types used the same amount of yarn.

  • Structural difference:

The significant difference between both crochet and knitting is the structural difference. Now you know that both play on the manipulation of loops, but they differ in how loops are formed. In knitting, many extra loops are held on the pointy needles and in crochet, no loop is held on the needle. In case of losing or dropping one stitch, knitting unravels more than crochet.

  • Project difference:

The good news is that the projects are same for both. One can make caps, socks, toys, and other things from both types of craft. However, people used knitting for making clothes and crochet for making blankets.

We saw people asking which technique is easier to adopt. The answer to that question is that it depends on you and your preference — some people like knitting easy than crochet and vice versa. Just learn the techniques, and you will be good to go.


Tools used in crochet:

Here is the list of things that one need if he/she wanted to learn crochet. To make your first stitch, the basic two equipment is crochet hooks and crochet yarn. But, when you became an expert and wanted to get in a difficult crochet task, you will need some other important tools and devices. This includes pom-pom makers and stitch makers, which will lead to another height of success in crafting skills.


A basic guide to crochet hook buying:

This crochet hook buying guide will help you a lot in making your decision that which type of crochet hook will work best for you. As we mentioned earlier that crochet hook come in multiple sizes and of thickness. Moreover, there is various material to choose when purchasing crochet hook. Crochet hook is manufactured in wooden material, metal, and plastic material as well. Few people love to use wooden crochet hook, while some like to use plastic or metal crochet hook. Crochet hooks are available in different colours to make choosing options more diverse. The crochet hook is used to pull the yarn/thread to make loops stitches to develop a perfectly structured fabric.

So before buying, read crochet hook buying guide carefully to choose the perfect hook for you.


Yarn buying guide:

crochet yarns

Are you familiar with yarn types and which one works better from your selected fabric? This yarn-buying guide will help you in choosing the best yarn to develop fabulous structures. Once you purchase your crochet hook now, it is time to enter the wonderful world of yarn of exciting colours. Yarn is available in the market in different weights and amounts so one can choose according to his needs. No matter which colour you love the most, a thread is available in every colour. Even one can find yarn in single shades as well as a blend of multi shades. Crochet yarn weight is considered according to which item you are going to make. Heavyweight yarn is best if you are planning to make some cosy scarfs for winters. In contrast, lightweight yarn is used to make shawls.

Therefore, whether you like your shawl in a single shade or want a blend of two or three shades, it is easily available in the market. We hope that this yarn-buying guide will be helpful for you.


Learn some basic crochet stitch with us!

If you are interested in learning crochet skills, some basic yet necessary stitches are there that one should know how to perform. Let us learn it one by one.

The chain stitch:

This is the most basic stitch in crochet known as chin crochet. One should master in the chain stitch to learn the crochet better. In most of the project, this is the first stitch you start with. There is a row of chains, and your project type decides how many chains will be needed to draw a pattern. Here the basic steps to develop a chain stitch.

  • The first step is to tie a knot on your crochet hook.

chain stitch 1

  • Remember to leave a 10 cm of yarn tail behind.

  • Next step is called yarn over in which, yarn is wrap over the crochet hook.

  • The last technique is the pull-through technique. Catch your yarn with the hook and draw it through the existed loop.


The slip-stitch:

Are you expert in making the chain stitch? Now its time to learn the slip stitch. Slip stitch has various type of applications and used in joining rounds when you are making items of a round shape. For example, manufacturing of socks, warm caps, or fancy bags.

  • In slip stitch, the first step is to hold the hook and enters it into the next stitch.

slip stitch 1

  • Make two loops on your hook, wrap the yarn to the crochet hook, and draw it through the existing stitch.

slip stitch 2

  • In the last step, pull your hook through the first crochet loop and done.

slip stitch 3

The double crochet stitch:

Now you are mater in slip stitch and chain stitch crochet techniques, so now move forward towards double stitch crochet.

  • The first step in the double crochet stitch is to insert the crochet hook into the next stitch.

double crochet 1

  • Repeat the same yarn over and pull through technique. Wrap the crochet yarn onto the hook and pull it through. There you should have two loops on the hook as you have in the slip stitch.

double crochet 2

  • The difference in you yarn over again in this step, and pull the already existing two loops on the crochet hook.

double crochet 3

Are you searching for some free crochet patterns?

If you are in need of free amigurumi pattern?  Then do not worry; now you can get a number of free amigurumi pattern online. To get started, it is best to go for some free crochet patterns and become a master of crochet skill. These patterns could be of pinky dolls, tiger patterns, teddy bears, and other animal amigurumi patterns, which you can find online.



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