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How to make a slip knot: crochet basic

how to make a slip knot

Before beginning any crochet work, you must start with a crochet slip knot and you should master it. There are a lot of styles to make a slip knot in crochet, in this tutorial, I am going to show you one of the easiest ways to make one (my mother taught me when I was a child, and now I still use it). Let’s see how to make a slip knot:

Firstly, watch the video below. I will demonstrate step by step after that.


Now, look closer step by step:


Step 1: make an X letter.

Round the yarn around your two fingers to form an X letter.

how to make a slip knot


Step 2: crochet out the top left yarn.

Use your hook to crochet out the yarn at the top left of the X letter.

how to make a slip knot


Step 3: Gently slide and tighten the slip knot

Pull the yarn and gently slide the slip knot to your hook. Tighten the slip knot and it’s done!

how to make a slip knot


You may need these useful tips:

  • Do not make your crochet slip knot too tight or too loose. Your crochet work may get difficult to accomplish later.

You now know how to make a slip knot, and you are now ready to begin your project! Have fun and don’t forget sharing with us your finished work.

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