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How to make double treble crochet (dtr)

double treble crochet

The tall and except it is, once you have actually mastered your double and treble crochet, you may fancy checking out a crochet stitch that can reach greater heights! The double treble crochet (or treble crochet as it’s known in United States terms, abbreviated as tr) is your next stitch to master.

High and lofty, the double treble (dtr) crochet stitch is created using a double yarn over when you begin, which will produce four loops on your crochet hook. Pull your yarn through 2 loops at a time, 3 times to complete your stitch.


What is the double treble crochet stitch?

The DTR stitch is one stitch taller than a treble crochet. Because it’s a taller stitch, it has a more dexterous and nimble quality that can be moulded into all sort of pretty shapes and styles, from crocheted flowers to declaration lace garments. It looks amazing in summer shawls, beach bags and accessories.


How to make DTR.


Step one: Take your yarn and twist around your crochet hook twice.


Step 2: Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch.


Step three: Pull the yarn through the stitch. You should now have four loops on your crochet hook.


Step 4: Yarn over once again, and pull your hook through 2 loops. You need to now have 3 loops on your crochet hook.


Step 5: yarn over, and pull your hook through 2 loops. You ought to now have two loops on your crochet hook.


Step 6: Yarn over, and pull through the last 2 loops.


Video Tutorial



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