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Tunisian crochet tutorial

Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet (likewise called Afghan crochet) is achieved by collecting loops on your hook which then are worked off it. It produces material that is perfectly textured and rather thick, quite comparable to knitted material.

Also, when working Tunisian crochet your best side is always facing you. You develop Tunisian crochet by rotating forward pass and return pass rows. Forward pass is worked when you get the stitches on your hook and return pass is when you work them off the hook. Eventually one row consists of 2 parts. It is a very easy technique to learn and very satisfying to make!


Step by step

  1. Place hook into second chain of hook, yarn around hook (yrh) and pull through you will now have 2 loops on your hook.
  2. Place hook into next chain and pull up a loop, continue infiltrating every chain until you come to the end of the chain.
  3. Chain 1, yrh and pull through 2 loops on hook to end.
  4. Work the next ‘forward pass’ row and collect loops onto your hook, picking up vertical hairs running along the work.
  5. Place hook into strand, yrh and pull loop through – repeat to end.
  6. To finish a ‘return pass’: ch1, yrh and pull through both loops on hook and repeat up until all vertical strands have actually been worked, secure off.
  7. To ‘abandon’ after a finished ‘return pass’: insert the hook into the vertical strand, yrh (2 loops on hook), pull first loop through the second. Repeat up until end.


Video tutorial



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